About the Grand Bahama Investment Unit

The government’s proactive economic revitalization and development for Grand Bahama is guided by The Office of the Prime Minister-Grand Bahama. The Minister of State for Grand Bahama established The Grand Bahama Investment Unit (GBIU) to reduce bureaucratic delays for domestic and international investors on Grand Bahama. Grand Bahama Investment Unit was launched on the Island of Grand Bahama in June 2018.
The Office of the Prime Minister's GBIU has been designated the island’s “one-stop shop” to fast-track investment matters and provide white-glove service to Grand Bahama investors from concept to fruition.
The team has a wealth of knowledge and experience to support any individual(s) seeking to establish a business on the Island. The Unit aids investment inquiries and operates under the purview of The Bahamas Investment Authority and The Bahamas National Investment Policy.
The Unit is eager to assist potential investors (international and domestic) through the facilitation of processing related documents in preparation of National Economic Council approval.
The unit facilitates contact with the appropriate government agencies through regular communication, and offers advice on incentives and concessions, with the view that all project proposals can be advanced.
1. GBIU (in accordance with Bahamas Investment Authority) serves as the administrative arm of The National Economic Council and Investments Board.
2. Develop Grand Bahama Investment Policies
3. Promote Investment
4. Evaluate Project Proposals
5. Monitor and Coordinate Project Implementation
6. Administer the government’s investment concessionary legislation
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