Areas Targeted for Foreign Investment

The following areas are especially targeted for international investors:
1. Upscale Condominium, Timeshare and Second Home Development.
2. Information and Data Processing Services.
3. Assembly Industries.
4. High-Tech Services.
5. Touristic Resorts.
6. Ship Repair and other services.
7. Light Manufacturing for export.
8. Agro-Industries.
9. Food Processing.
10. Mariculture.
11. Banking and other Financial Services.
12. Captive Insurance.
13. Aircraft Services.
14. Pharmaceutical manufacture.
15. Off-shore Medical Centres.
*NB. This list is not exhaustive and investors interested in areas not included here are encouraged to bring their interest to the attention of the GBIU.*

Areas Targeted for Bahamian Investment

The following business areas/sectors have been reserved for Bahamian Nationals only:
1. Wholesale and Retail Operations.
2. Commission agencies engaged in the import/export trade.
3. Real estate and domestic property management agencies.
4. Domestic newspapers and magazine publications.
5. Domestic advertising and public relations firms.
6. Security services.
7. Domestic distribution of building supplies.
8. Construction companies, except for special structures for which international expertise is
9. Personal cosmetic/beauty establishments.
10. Commercial fishing within the exclusive economic zone of The Bahamas.
11. Auto and appliance service operations.
12. Public transportation inclusive of locally solicited charter boat tours.
13. Landscaping.
*International Investors may engage in the wholesale distribution of any product they produce locally.*

Applying for Investment Incentive Concessions

The Office of the Prime Minister-Grand Bahama welcomes International Investors who wish to invest in either of Grand Bahama’s three (3) districts. On a case-by-case basis the Government of The Bahamas offers targeted investment incentives for particular types of projects.
All Non-Bahamians, Permanent Residents or Citizens seeking to access concessions in Grand Bahama pursuant to the Government’s targeted investment incentives must apply to the Grand Bahama Investment Unit.
There are no requirements for Bahamians to qualify for investment incentive concessions. Non-
Bahamians seeking concessions must make an application to The Grand Bahama Investment Unit for approval by the National Economic Council in the first instance.
Follow these three (3) steps:
1. Complete the initial application information (Project Proposal Guideline - see “Resources” )
2. GBIU would then determine whether the application is compliant with the Act.
3. Once a determination is made, the applicant or agent is informed in writing.
A determination is communicated within 25 to 40 days following the submission of a completed project proposal/concession application.