Vision/ Mission

On September 22nd, 2021, The Honourable Ginger Moxey, Member of Parliament for Pineridge was appointed the first female Minister for Grand Bahama. This signified a historical moment; and the reestablishment of the Ministry.
The Ministry for Grand Bahama has several key mandates including:
- Coordination and Liaise with Ministries
- Relations with The Grand Bahama Port Authority
- Revitalization and Promotion of Grand Bahama as Tourism and Industrial Centre
- Promotion of Agricultural Development in Grand Bahama
- Advancement of Health and Educational Infrastructure
- Promotion of Employment and Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Grand Bahama
- Development of the Grand Bahama International Airport
- Community Rehabilitation in East and West Grand Bahama
Grand Bahama Island has seen many challenges, over the years, including the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian and the pandemic. Still, the people of Grand Bahama have soldiered on; but so many are still struggling to survive, and are in need of immediate relief.
The Ministry for Grand Bahama, in collaboration with other ministries, is working assiduously to create improve the conditions of our people.
The government has presented 'Our Blueprint for Change' for the country, and an action plan, which will ensure that Grand Bahama Island is poised for growth and development.
We have much to be excited about moving forward; and no stone will be left unturned, as we empower our people.
Join us, as we chart the way forward, to progress our island and our people.
We are all in this together!