Grand Bahama Food Distribution Task Force Website

The Grand Bahama Food Assistance Program (a sub-section of the National Food Distribution Program) was officially
launched on 19th June, 2020. Through this program, over 1500 householders have already received assistance to date.
Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis has indicated that food distribution would be a priority for the
government and mandated the appointment of the National Food Committee. The government has committed to
ensure that no one goes hungry and as such, has allocated some $18 million nationally to assist Bahamians impacted by
income loss or unemployment.
The Steering Committee is led by Office of the Prime Minister Grand Bahama is also comprised of the Grand Bahama
Port Authority; the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce; the Grand Bahama Christian Council; and partners with NGOs
on the island.
The Committee and its partners are working to provide food vouchers through a digital platform, which has been
designed to safeguard the privacy and dignity of every citizen.
Registration is required to qualify for the program. Aligned with the government’s continued efforts toward digitization, the official website - www.feedgrandbahama.comis now live.
The website will serve to:
 Maximize efficiency
 Prevent duplication of assistance
 Help the task force assess needs, appropriately assist and keep track of this assistance.
The application involves a simple five (5) step process which includes:
 Registration of household information
 Verification
 Approval Process
 Voucher Issuance
 Voucher Collection
The government is committed to ensuring that those in need have access to food. Grand Bahamians are encouraged to
utilize this program.