MSC Donates to the Bahamas Government / Urban Renewal

28th September, 2020
The Office of the Prime Minister Grand Bahama expresses gratitude to the MSC Group for their donation of much needed food supplies to the island of Grand Bahama. The MSC Group has continued to show their support to the people of the Bahamas, in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and now the COVID-19 pandemic. MSC Cruises and MSC Cargo have been a part of the Bahamian family for many years. Today, the MSC Group through the MSC Foundation donated a variety of food supplies from the MSC “Hercules” Cargo ship.
Today’s donation represents the first of three installments pledged by the company. The goods were transported to Urban Renewal Centers where they will be distributed throughout the Grand Bahama Community. The Office of the Prime Minister Grand Bahama also wishes to thank the Bahamas Customs and Bahamas Immigration, who did their part to ensure that the perishable items some of which were perishable, were cleared and received in a timely manner.