Press Statement: Grand Bahama Island Featured in Caribbean Journal Articles

14th January, 2021
The Office of the Prime Minister Grand Bahama is pleased to note that Grand Bahama Island was recently listed as one of the ‘21 best Caribbean islands to visit in 2021’ in the world’s leading Caribbean News website, Caribbean Journal.
In describing Grand Bahama, the article appeals to a variety of travelers whether they are seeking the relaxation of boating in West End or more livelihood in the city of Freeport, noting that the island has several luxury accommodations for visitors.
A Separate article in Caribbean Journal also highlighted the recently launched Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS) visa, created to allow visitors to live and work remotely in The Bahamas for up to one year.
Quoting the Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board from their statement on the Extended Stay Visa, the article spoke to the increased volume of people working remotely from home since the pandemic, noting that this provides a unique opportunity for those who would like to do so from a tropical location. Grand Bahama’s proximity to North America, warm and comfortable climate, excellent infrastructure for connectivity makes it the perfect place for the digital nomad or remote worker.
As an extra appeal to travelers looking for a getaway, hoteliers, villas and other properties on the island have launched special rates and programs to accommodate BEATS visa holders as well as vacationers interested in a longer stay.
The Office of the Prime Minister Grand Bahama is pleased to note that despite challenges, Grand Bahama Island is still being featured and favored, which speaks to the indomitable spirit of Grand Bahamians.
14 January 2021
Office of the Prime Minister, Grand Bahama
Commonwealth of The Bahamas