Statement- Mr. Jordi Botifoll – Senior Vice President Americas, Cisco at The Cisco MoU Press Conference

Government of The Bahamas – Cisco MoU Press Conference
Thursday, December 17th, 2020 - 10:00 am EST – Virtual Event

Mr. Jordi Botifoll – Senior Vice President Americas, Cisco

Technology has the potential to be the single greatest catalyst for economic and social progress, which is integral
to Cisco’s vision for an Inclusive Future. We are leading the charge in the global digital transformation path, forging
partnerships with governments, businesses, and nonprofits around the world to unlock opportunities and drive
inclusive growth.
We work with several governments in Latin America and the Caribbean to drive digital transformation processes
that are critical for businesses, communities, and help boost economic growth.
For the matter of what brings us together today, the Government of The Bahamas is making a huge step to move
forward the digital transformation agenda of the country, and I am confident the MoU we are announcing will
have a positive impact on the people of Bahamas. This MoU will allow Cisco to work with the Government of The
Bahamas on several initiatives of technical cooperation and knowledge transfer.
I want to highlight 3 areas that are very relevant:
1) EDUCATION: A key component of this MoU is the creation of a program aimed at building talent and improving
the technological competencies of the citizens and employees of the Government of The Bahamas. Cisco will
provide the resources and knowledge from the Cisco Networking Academy Program, a global platform that
transforms the lives of learners, educators, and communities through the power of technology, education,
and career opportunities. Those participants can access Cisco's Talent Bridge platform toidentify possible job
openings on Cisco and some of its partners.
Another Cisco program relevant to this MoU is DevNet, an initiative to help developers and IT professionals
who want to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs. The
Bahamas will be the first country in the Caribbean to have this specialization. We will continue to work
together towards education as the foundation to provide opportunities to the people of The Bahamas.
2) COUNTRY DIGITIZATION: Cisco will assist and support the Government of The Bahamas in the creation of a
digital strategy, aiming to connect the unconnected, by providing best in class digitization practices, use cases
and standards at the level of Cisco’s worldwide programs. This is a comprehensive effort that will bring The
Bahamas digital agenda to the next level, working hand in hand with Cisco and other key players of the IT
industry in the region.
3) ICT HUB: As part of the MoU, Cisco will also assist in the creation of an Information and Communications
Technology Hub(ICT Hub)for the country. This hub will be created with the goal of fostering technology and
innovation in the country, an effort that would have a positive impact on the national economy in the midlong term. Part of the support Cisco will provide focuses on the promotion of the ICT Hub inside and outside
The Bahamas, leveraging Cisco marketing events and other promotional platforms.
As you can tell, this is a very exciting time for Cisco and the Government of The Bahamas. We are pleased to work
together and look forward to making a difference in the country and its people through the benefits of technology.
Thank you very much,
Jordi Botifoll
17th December 2020
Office of the Prime Minister, Grand Bahama
Commonwealth of The Bahamas