The Government has encouraged investment in Grand Bahama as a part of the overall revitalization plan.

ITM/ Royal Caribbean Project

On March 2nd, 2020, The Government of the Bahamas welcomed the partnership between Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. And ITM Group. A Sales Purchase Agreement as well as a Heads of Agreement were signed paving the way for a $300 million investment which includes massive development spanning 2 properties:
1. Harbour Village at the Freeport Harbour (which will include three new berths, retail space, beach and wellness areas and a multi-modal transportation hub including an off-roading experience. By time of completion, it will have the capacity to host the largest cruise ships in the world.)
2. The Lucaya property (which will encompass a one-of-a-kind 526 room hotel, a water and adventure theme park with pool, waterslide, waterfalls, river route, wave pool, beach area, spa, and a 40,000 sq. ft. Convention center.)
The $300m investment calls for employment opportunities, job training, community investment and sustainable construction practices. The developers anticipate creating some 3,000 direct jobs during peak construction and operation periods. Once completed in winter 2022, Grand Bahama should expect to welcome more than 2 million visitors annually as a result of this development.
It is important to note this project also includes guaranteed airlift to the island.

Carnival Cruise Port

In February 2019, Carnival announced its plans for the construction of a massive Port in East Grand Bahama, and proudly noted that once it is completed, Grand Bahama will be home to Carnival’s largest cruise port to date, which will be able to accommodate up to 6 vessels at any given time. The Government stood in support of Carnival’s vision that this project will reinvent Grand Bahama as a destination.
We are even more pleased that Carnival is also committed to preserving the authenticity of the Bahamas by ensuring that the port’s amenities will be inter-woven with Bahamian design and culture offered to their guests and crew.
By September 2019, just weeks after the island of Grand Bahama was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian, Carnival re-affirmed its strong commitment to Grand Bahama, officially signing the deal for Grand Port. Not only did their team affirm their support of The Bahamas and Grand Bahama specifically in relation to the project, but showed their commitment to restoring hope to Grand Bahamians by bringing with them loads of relief items, essential medical supplies, and personnel to assist with immediate relief. For that, we are exceptionally grateful.
It is expected that the project will lead to 1,000 jobs during construction and between 500 and 1,000 jobs post-construction. Construction is expected to start by summer of 2020.
For more information, visit the Carnival Grand Port website

Dilapidated Buildings Task Force

The Grand Bahama Dilapidated Buildings Task Force was formed by Cabinet in September 2018. This task force is comprised of members from the Office of the Prime Minister, Grand Bahama Port Authority, Department of Environmental Health, Royal Bahamas Police Force, Department of Social Services and the Office of Attorney General. The Task Force was mandated to address the Dilapidated Buildings in Grand Bahama. While there are a number of dilapidated buildings on the island, the task force identified approximately eighteen properties considered to be high priority. Assessments were conducted by agencies and the findings were recorded. It was concluded that some of the properties were in breach of the Environmental Laws and Freeport Building Code and Sanitary Code. Due to the fact that the laws are in place, presently the Ministry of the Environment is moving forward to execute law by prosecuting the owners who are in breach of the law.

Capital Works

Smith’s Point Seawall
For many years the settlement of Smith’s Point had experienced progressive coastal erosion along its entire southern shoreline. There was no existing hard or soft defense to protect the shoreline or the neighboring settlement during storm conditions. In addition to substantial erosion to the land mass, considerable amounts of sand and water were washed onto the only thoroughfare all the way through into the settlement. This caused severe vehicular and pedestrian disruption, catastrophic damage and financial loss to the numerous homes and business establishments that exist along this area of land. It was concluded the beach erosion along the shoreline of Smith’s Point was aggressively progressive and the installation of a seawall was warranted and long overdue. In August 2017, a contract was awarded to Waugh Construction to complete the wall at Smith Point and it was officially opened in April 2019.
Fishing Hole Road Bridge
The Fishing Hole Road Bridge project was completed in 2019 however, with the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian in September of that year, the project was set back to its final stages- in that the bridge sustained structural damages. As a result, the Fishing Hole Road Bridge project was revisited with a new durable design. The $9.2 million causeway was officially opened on 26th June, 2020.
Garnet Levarity Justice Center
The Government of the Bahamas, through the Ministry of Works, entered a $1.9 million contract for repairs and refurbishment of the Garnet Levarity Justice Center in December 2018. To date, the Garnet Levarity Justice Center’s renovations are completed. The building’s upgrades included a new roof, brand-new hurricane impact windows, and new air-conditioning. The building’s exterior was fully revised with fresh paint and new columns. The scope of repairs and renovations included exterior repairs and upgrades, major interior repairs and upgrades, as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing works.
Rand Memorial Hospital
Construction workers have been working feverishly to the complete rebuilding of the hospital following damage sustained as a result of Hurricane Dorian. The Prime Minister has announced that $21 million has been allocated for the Rand Memorial Hospital.
McCleans Town Administrative Complex
This structure in East Grand Bahama housed the Royal Bahama Police Force, as well as ferry service offices supporting inter-island travel between Grand Bahama and Abaco. The Office of the Prime Minister, Grand Bahama, has been provided with the funding to completely rebuild the administrative complex, in conjunction with the Ministry of Disaster and Reconstruction. The proposed costs of the repairs are within the region of $205,358.00.
Road Work
Road reinstatement was $213,000 as work was carried out in West End, McClean’s Town, Freetown, Grand Bahama Highway and High Rock. Currently a sea wall is being designed and scoped for High Rock to provide coastal road protection. The Ministry of Works has embarked on the Grand Bahama Road Repairs and Carriage way Rehabilitation Project to rebuild our roads. Reconstruction of approximately 8 miles of road in East, Central and West Grand Bahama. The works will be in hotmix asphalt at a cost of $6.1 million.
Freeport Post Office
Other post Hurricane Dorian temporary repairs efforts included the Freeport Post Office which The Office of the Prime Minister Grand Bahama assisted in the sum of $51,362.91. While the project has made progress in a functioning post office, other major renovations needed will include a complete roof repair, installation of hurricane proof windows and doors, interior painting and tiling, drywalls, exterior painting, an air conditioning unit and the installation of new mail boxes. This construction process will approximately cost $3,300,000. The project is in the tendering process and we expect work to commence shortly.
Agriculture Building
The Agriculture building houses the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, and also offered a base of operation for the Grand Bahama Bee-Keepers Cooperative, which is a group of young entrepreneurs launched via the government’s Apiary Programme in Grand Bahama. The Office of the Prime Minister, Grand Bahama, has been provided with the funding to completely restore the building, in conjunction with the Ministry of Disaster and Reconstruction. The proposed costs of the post-hurricane repairs are within the region of $284,289.00.
Small Home Repairs
The Disaster Reconstruction Authority's Small Home Repair program continues as those who qualify for assistance are being paid in phases from $2,500 to $10,000. Since this program commenced in February 2020, approximately 2,000 Grand Bahamians have been approved and the program has to date directly put into the hands of Bahamian companies and invested in Bahamian homes some $ 3,257,170. Bahamian contractors received over $9 million on debris removal since the hurricane.
Grand Bahama Airport
Other projects include the Eight Mile Rock Government Complex and the new School in holmes rock which work will continue this year.
The government is continuing discussions with Hutchison Ports along with the Grand Bahama Port Authority with the view to come to an agreement on the best way forward in rebuilding a world-class airport. In the interim, a temporary structure is indeed open and fully functional, operating regular daily international and domestic flights. Work continues to proceed on the further enhancement of the temporary facility. The airport will require a long term sustainable rebuilding plan. It has been destroyed by hurricanes several times. The airport has been rebuilt 3 times in the last 7 years which signifies that a greater plan must be put into place. However even as we work toward the final product, we are indeed accessible.