Technology Skills Development

BTVI ICT Project
The Government has identified a need to increase human capacity through education at every level from pre-k to high school as well as tertiary education facilities. This will be a key component of developing our tech hub. In order to adapt to a global digital world, Bahamians should be encouraged to seek education and opportunities in science, math, technical, and ICT studies.
In keeping with its commitment to prioritize education as a key component of the technology hub initiative, the Government collaborated with BTVI to launch a 3-year (some credit 300 hours) ICT Program for high school students. This initiative is in an effort to build technical capacity relative to the Technology industry and strengthen the competitive advantage within our emerging labour force.
Beginning in 9th grade, students from various schools in Grand Bahama have the opportunity to learn fundamental ICT skills such as coding and web design. With the completion of each summer, students receive a level of certification, making them already employable in the ICT field before they graduate high school. This program is not only free, but the students receive stipends from the government each summer as they participate. Ultimately, these students will leave high school certified from BTVI - already employable and/ or having a head-start for tertiary education. The required curriculum of certifications relate to CompTIA/Microsoft/Cisco. Additionally during the duration of the program, information technology networking, cyber security essentials, Linux administration, programming in Python, JavaScript. Html and Java will be offered. IoE/Iot fundamentals involving connectivity, data & analytics concepts will be emphasized. Students will be prepared for various levels of technology-related positions, which will lead to sitting certifications.
To date there have been some 155 students successfully trained in this program from the Grand Bahama campus alone.
We have already seen great successes with participants, some of whom have begun to put their skills into practice. One student of Eight Mile Rock High school was even offered a full scholarship to Kettering University upon her high school graduation to continue her studies in the STEM field.
YMCA ICT Program
The YMCA launched a Government sponsored ICT Skills Training Program, in alignment with the government’s envisioned technology hub. The ICT Robotic/ Ins- emulation program launched in January 2019 and went on for a duration of the next 6 months. Through this program, 70 Grand Bahamian students from junior high schools across the islands (Grades 7-9) underwent intense, hands on training in programs such as Python Application, Computer Coding, Robotic Stimulation, Computer Technology, as well as Mathematics and Physics related skills training. At the end of the program, these 70 students received certifications in these disciplines.
Modeled after the success of the Grand Bahama Youth Apiary Programme and in partnership with the Bahamas Development Bank, the Office of the Prime Minister, Grand Bahama, proposes to setup and launch an App Development Program, thus creating tech - app entrepreneurs. Roughly 100 youth between the ages of 18 and 30 will be able to participate in the program. The program participants will receive a stipend while training. They will first receive training and development through BDB in conjunction with the United States-based Fulbright Program and go on to have access to business start-up funding of up to $2,500 as well as receive technical and management support.